Massage Therapy

Restore balance, health, and wellness with the timeless techniques and bountiful benefits of massage therapy. We recommend a return visit every three weeks to maintain optimal health.

Signature Healing Waters Massage    
Our signature massage using Swedish-style techniques with light to moderate pressure. Incorporates essential oils that correspond with our Transformational Principles: Calm, Balance, Correct, Restore.
60 min / 90 min     $110 / $160     

Deep Tissue Massage    
Intended for relief of stubborn knots or areas of chronic tension, this massage is for those who prefer firm pressure and desire a workout from their session.
60 min / 90 min     $135 / $195   

Prenatal Care Massage    
Help relieve the physical discomforts of pregnancy. This massage can also benefit baby by creating a calming in utero environment. Specialized pregnancy cushions are used, allowing mom-to-be to lie comfortably on her stomach. Pregnancy cushions are also helpful for breast augmentation patients.
60 min / 90 min     $125 / $185

Heavenly 4-Hands Massage    
Two therapists provide a calming synchronized full body massage using rhythmic therapeutic techniques. Enjoy a little taste of heaven.
60 min / $210

Couples Massage*
Surrender together in a suite designed for two. Choose from our Signature Massage or Deep Tissue Massage.
60 min / 90 min (please see our Signature Massage or Deep Tissue massage for pricing)

Focus Massage    
A concentrated massage focusing on the muscles that are mistreating you the most.
30 min / $90

Pure Poultice Massage    
A rhythmic massage with warm poultices (herbal packs) applied to the body in a kneading action. Heat and herbs are absorbed by the body to help reduce aches and pains, increase lymphatic drainage, and condition the skin. Poultices can be reused at home.
90 min / $175  

Bamboo Bliss Massage    
A wonderful alternative to deep tissue massage, this service incorporates warmed bamboo stalks to knead away aches and pains while simultaneously increasing circulation. The warmth of the bamboo aids in relaxation and facilitates the healing process of tired, sore muscles.  
90 min / $175

River Rock Warm Stone Massage    
Warm stones are used in a rhythmic motion with moderate pressure to release tension and increase circulation, promoting intense relaxation.
90 min / $175     

Thai Yoga Massage*    
This energetic dance between giver and receiver blends yoga postures and stretches with deep rhythmic acupressure. Muscles are lengthened and released as energetic pathways are opened. Excellent post-workout to help elongate muscles. Performed on a cushioned floor mat while you remain fully clothed.
90 min / $175

Massage Add-Ons
Extra Foot Massage: 10 min / $25
Extra Scalp Massage: 10 min / $25
Focused Neck Work: 10 min / $25
Aromatherapy: $15
Additional Signature Massage: 15 min / $35
Additional Prenatal Massage: 15 min / $35
Additional Deep Massage: 15 min / $40
Kneipp Bath: 20 min / $25**

*Not available at our Durham, NC location.

**Not available at our Wichita, KS location.

Accolades & Testimonials

Voted “Best Medical Spa”
in the country in 2004
and “Best of the Best
Medical Spas” in 2006

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